-36 Days of Type

A Personal Project

An Instagram trend of letterform design that I took up last year.


The overarching theme I chose was mental health awareness. Through time and interaction I have realized people not suffering from any mental health issues, often struggle to understand how people with mental health issues feel. So each letter aims to convey emotion along with a short two-line note.   

Stay tuned for more. #WIP

A for @36daysoftype.



And it is a slippery slope indeed.

B for @36daysoftype .


Blues Everyday.

When mundane tasks become hard to do.

C for @36daysoftype .


Clarity No More.

Finding your way through murky waters, with almost no visibility isn't as fun sometimes.

D for @36daysoftype .


Drowning Into Infinity.

That feeling you wake up with often, where you wish to just keep drowning further and further into infinity.

E for @36daysoftype .



Laughter that gives you goosebumps on the outside, while filled with a hollow sweep inside.

F for @36daysoftype .


Friends.Family. Fragility.

For everytime you fall, it's them who give their all to pick you up. Always.

G for @36daysoftype.



The crushing weight of guilt, almost makes you wish for a noose instead.

H for @36daysoftype.



Hopeless, endless, hidden hurt. Never a dull moment when walking on needles is an everyday activity.

I for @36daysoftype.


Infintely Isolated.

I have always been afraid of the view from the top, you mostly end up all alone.

J for @36daysoftype


Jittery Jives.

So many things that make you anxious, you could almost be dancing in you mind.

K for @36daysoftype


Karma Kaput.

Happens to the best of us, doesn't mean there's no way out.

L for @36daysoftype



Sometimes inside. Sometimes outside.

M for @36daysoftype


Magic and Miracle.

Hoping for one on most days.

N for @36daysoftype


Nightmarish Negativity.

The pull of dark spaces and the regrets after the leap.

O for @36daysoftype


Outbursts. Out of the blue.

Awaiting one even on the oddest of days.