-Manismriti: A Prologue to Vedic History

ADC Bronze Cube 2020, Category// Illustration

An illustrated novella, exploring my theory of patriarchal stronghold in society due to insecurities in men, around their physical incapacity to create life. It aims to affect the children of tomorrow in India, who will grow up listening to Hindu mythological stories. 

Through research and observation, I concluded that women have only been used as enablers or space fillers in history. Their characters haven't been explored at all. Which makes me think, what could women have done so drastic in the past, that men's portrayal of them in history and society has been so very extreme? 

Manusmriti is the book in Indian Vedic literature that is known as the book for human laws and codes of conduct. However, on reading it I found it extremely misogynistic. My story is an exploration into the time before sage Manu, recited Manusmriti. What could have possibly happened in his life, that he demanded that women be kept on a tight leash? The story is an exploration of love, loss, tradition, and ego. 


It marks the beginning of an end, in Indian history. 

All the illustrations are hand-drawn, with pen and ink on A3 paper.