-Experimental Typography

Art Direction + Typography

I made these posters as a part of an Advanced Typography Studio. A college course on experimental typography introduced me to the concept of using materials, food, light, and space to create a type with a message.


The first poster is in two parts where the same image with slight changes has two very different meanings. Happiness can mean differently to everyone. For some, it can be a successful avoidance to eat cake, and for some, it could be to just get to have a bite of cake. In India, where there are thousands of children who can only dream of eating cake, something we take for granted very often. This piece aims to make my audience question the concept of happiness and what it entails. 


This image is an attempt at describing the sadistic aspect of happiness, with reference to the current violence in the Middle East.  It is complemented with a supporting caption.


This image was made as a part of a zine I had designed on Ageing and Beauty. I have used greying human hair and glue to make this piece.


Another version with the same text using salami slices. I have made the text, trying origami or folding methods with the circle slices of meat. The concept behind this was to highlight the flesh trade rampant as a consequence of the war in the Middle East, something that stands as a classic example of happiness and pleasure for one while pain and sorrow for the other.